Scar Revision/ Correction


The smooth, shiny, and flawless skin is an everlasting desire of humans from the times of Cleopatra. How successful you are in life, but acne scars may still make you feel awful and hit you emotionally over a period of time. Acne, a common skin disorder which most likely found in youth, may leave grisly scars on the skin at the later stage of life, if not taken care of during the early phase.

Causes of Acne Scars

Acne forms when the hair follicles get obstruct with dead skin cells and oil on the face. The symptoms could be blackheads, pimples filled with pus, and red bumps on the face. Acne outbreak causes irresistible pain, inflammation, and makes you feel frustrated and distressed when left untreated. In case of severity, they can even form Acne scars on the skin for the rest of your life.

Acne scars not only make your face rough and dull but also reduces your confidence and self-esteem. The excess oil of the skin, especially the face, attracts pollution, dirt, and debris that clog the pores and infects the area which becomes the primary cause of the acne outbreak. The scars form mainly due to severe boils, characterize into two types: Nodules and Cysts.

Significant Treatment

People suffering from acne scars often hide them by using various treatments like by trying some home remedies and face creams. Still, unfortunately, it returns after a few days/weeks or may leave ludicrous blemishes and marks behind. It is perhaps a common problem, needs diligent and customized treatment under the supervision of specialists for the complete solution.

Under the close supervision of dermatologists and a team of experts, we at Viva offer the best and prominent treatment for the most rigid and adamant acne scars. We make sure to diagnose the root cause of the scars that could be due to hormonal changes, low lifestyle, imbalanced diet, etc.

Every patient who is suffering from Acne scars gets a specialized and customized treatment plan which is accumulated by a team of experts and doctors. The machines we use are technologically advanced and are of multispecialty. Our team integrates modern techniques and their knowledge to give you excellent results and an everlasting smile on your face.

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