Ear Lobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair

Viva, Offers Earlobe Repair surgery in Delhi

In the present time, since many of our women use to wear heavy earrings, many of their ear lobule earings punctures get elongated and many times ear lobule may get completely torn as well.
Then it requires ear lobe repair with the technique so that scar is not visible and also so that the ear lobule does not get elongated again.

What happens in Ear Lobule Repair?

The elongated or torn portion of puncture is freshened and suture back to its original shape in very precise and meticulous suturing so that it gets a good strength and scar also is not seen. The procedure is done within half an hour or so under local anesthesia and patient goes back home immediately.

When can I start wearing my earrings?

Depending upon your requirements, different techniques can be chosen of ear lobe repair  so that one can start wearing earrings immediately or after 6-8 weeks so that the repair site gets enough strength.

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