Burn Scars

Burn Scars Treatment in Delhi

Burns are ubiquitous, and it is formed when a person accidentally touches something too hot. Some of the examples of burns could be overexposed to the sun, touching hot utensils, specific chemicals exposition, electricity, etc. These burns lead to skin cells dying, and the damaged skin generates collagen to repair itself. During the process of healing, discolored and dense areas known as scars are formed. Burn scars could be small or large, and it could be temporary or permanent. Burn scars could affect your appearance and looks.

Burn scars are of three types, namely hypertrophic scars, contracture scars and Keloid scars. At Viva, we have multiple treatments if you have burn scars. These treatments are steroid injections, cryotherapy, surgery, Silicone gels, skin grafting and laser treatment. We always give customized, personalize and customized treatment for burn scars; however, a long-lasting and best therapy to treat burn scars is laser therapy.

At Viva, we use laser energy is used to diminish discomfort, tightness and pain of burn scars as well as it minimizes burn scars redness and smoothens the skin. Various kinds of lasers are used to fade away the burn scars; however, we use fractional lasers, CO2 lasers, pulse-eyed lasers and switched lasers to treat burn scars. Our specialized expert for all laser treatments named ASDS dermatologists always guides you to which treatment would be the best for the patients to treat burn scars.

We at Viva always give you pre and post counseling if patients want to have burn scar treatment using laser therapy.  Before the laser therapy, our ASDS dermatologists will check your physical condition and give the instructions on the outcomes, post-therapy. After the laser treatment, we always provide a proper diet plan, medicines and a good skincare routine so that you do not face the same skin issue again.

Burn scars treatment with laser therapy may need more integrated therapies, and it may take a few weeks before you start to see your scars fading. We use standard and quality laser machines to treat your burn scars, and they are imported from the expertise company from Spain and the UK. Since our machines are of high quality, our patients suffer from minimal or no side effects, post-treatment.

So if you suffer from burn scars, we always suggest you visit the best and luxury derma clinic at Viva. We use laser treatments which are very safe and give benefits to your skin without any potential risk.

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