Moles Removal

Moles Removal

Moles and Warts are sometimes very cumbersome and may affect your appearance. Moles are the pigmented cells that may form anywhere in the body. They could be flat or raised, irregular or symmetrical and are of black, brown or skin colour. Moles could be of three types, namely compound, blue and dermal moles. On the other hand, warts are “cauliflower-like” marks on the skin which are caused by Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are usually harmless; however, it could be embarrassing and not comfortable.

If you are suffering from moles or warts, then Viva could be a perfect clinic to treat you with the best facility and infrastructure. There are many facilities to treat moles and warts at Viva like shave excision, punch excision and laser removal.

People suffering from acne scars often hide them by using various treatments like by trying some home remedies and face creams. Still, unfortunately, it returns after a few days/weeks or may leave ludicrous blemishes and marks behind. It is perhaps a common problem, needs a diligent and customized treatment under the supervision of specialists for the complete solution.

Out of these three treatments for removing moles using laser technology is the best solution as it is a non-invasive technique to remove moles and warts that is it doesn’t require burning or cutting of skin and the infection risk is minimal. Secondly, Laser energy could reach the parts of the body like nose and face, which is very difficult to rectify using the other two methods. Lastly, if you have multiple moles, then it can be treated at once using laser therapy.

Treating the moles and warts with laser energy we at Viva we apply numbing cream or local anaesthesia before starting the procedure so that you do not feel discomfort and stay relaxed. The laser is then directed to the area of the mole/wart where the laser energy is deliberately absorbed by the mole cells causing it to fade away. It usually takes 2-3 sessions to get rid of moles or warts completely.

The recovery time post-treatment depends upon the individual, and older people take more time than the younger ones. If the treated mole or warts have a larger incision, then it may take a few weeks to heal. Though at Viva, we always give you post-treatment care for any dermatological treatment, including the treatment for moles and warts. Some of the post-care treatment for moles could be avoid the sun, always clean the wound, don’t touch the scar and massage the scar regularly.

We at Viva have the most qualified experts and doctors who have decades of experience in treating the problem of moles and warts. People in Delhi always prefer us because we give immediate treatment, personalize attention and quality service to every hair and skin treatments including moles and warts removal treatment.

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