Facelift Surgery in Delhi

As our age advances, we gradually lose facial fat along with the facial support structures. To restructure the facial outlines and regain the charming appearance Facelift or thread lift is the best and safe treatment. This treatment is perfect for the person who wants to look young. The therapy decreases the weak and hanging jawline, neck and cheeks along with the nasolabial folds and eyebrows. The facelift gives a person a sober and modest change in appearance. This treatment has significantly less retrieval time, along with the instant outcome. This therapy is minimally invasive and has no side effects with a downtime of 24 hours.



At Viva, we have a team of plastic surgeon and dermatologists who are expert in giving you facelift treatment.

It usually takes an hour to perform facelift therapy. The threads are implanted under your facial skin which in turn lifts the sagged cheeks, eyebrows, deep folds, eyelids and ageing skin. At one end of the thread, there is a point that grabs the sagged skin, and at the other end of the thread, there are tusks which attach the skin to the skin tissue. A facelift is often carried out by using a thin needle with no stitches or cuts. It is an entirely new technique at our clinic in which there is no scarring as compared to old fashioned facelift method.

Facelift or thread lift minimizes the signs of ageing, and this procedure enhances the effect on face over time. It usually boosts the production of collagen, giving you vibrant and firm skin. It is also useful for pigmentation, large pores and rejuvenation of the skin.

It takes around 30-60 minutes for a single session of thread lift and is suitable for both men and women. We apply local anaesthesia before doing this procedure, and one will get the full benefits of this process by 14 days. After this therapy, you will start looking younger by ten years, and an instant tightening effect can be seen on the skin.

At Viva, our well experienced and qualified plastic surgeon gives a customized treatment to every customer based on the type of plastic surgery they want. They make sure that a customer should have zero side effects and no significant risks during the plastic surgery procedure.

So if you want to hide your age and want that your skin should look vibrant, young and rejuvenated then Viva adheres to give you professional and luxury skin and hair care treatments, including the thread lift treatment.

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