Hair Transplant And Hair PRP

Hair Transplant In Delhi

Hair transplant and PRP therapy, both are quite different procedures. If you are having hair fall to an extent that bald patches are clearly visible, you should go for the best hair transplant in Delhi but if your hair fall is in initial stages, you might go for PRP therapy. First, get information about these procedures and then discuss with your doctor about the reason for your hair fall. He will suggest you the best treatment for you according to your condition.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair from the back of your scalp are taken and transplanted in the bald area. Hair follicles are extracted from a safe donor area.

hair transplant in India | hair transplant in Delhi - vivaesthetiquehair transplant in India | hair transplant in Delhi - vivaesthetique

The benefits of this procedure include.

  • It is a permanent solution for Baldness
  • If performed by expert surgeons, it is 100% Natural & safe
  • You can cut, Color or style inthe way you want
  • Both male and female baldness can be treated successfully

In PRP therapy for hair loss, Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is taken from our blood. Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood that have the potential of faster healing. They release growth factors in the blood which speeds up the healing process. Platelets are harvested from our own body, treated with some other growth factors and then reintroduced into the body, specifically our scalp, leading to better hair growth. PRP helps in natural healing. There would be no risk of any infection as plasma used is drawn from our own blood. There are no chances that our body will oppose the procedure. But PRP doesn’t provide you the full-grown hair but a best hair transplant in delhi can and it also last for lifetime. Hair restoration proves to be a permanent solution for baldness.

In both cases, it takes some time to give results. After a hair transplant in delhi, the transplanted hair actually sheds a few days after the surgery, which could be alarming for some people. Once the hairs starts shedding, they does start to regrow. Many patients start to observe new growth after few months of the surgery.

PRP therapy also requires time to produce visible results, since the plasma needs time to work on the follicles and to stimulate growth. Depending on the person and conditions, new growth can be seen within a few months. The majority of patients perceive a fuller head of hair within eight months.

Currently, a hair transplant in Delhi is a cost-effective solution for baldness. Many people from abroad visit Delhi, India for hair transplant in India,

There is no need 0f questioning about the comparison between the hair transplant procedure and PRP treatment. The hair transplant procedure always proves to be a safe and permanent option to treat the pattern baldness or the androgenic alopecia. The hair transplant is the only option to treat the hair loss effectively and permanently if a patient is affected by the pattern of baldness or Androgenic alopecia.

As far as the potency of the procedure is concerned, the procedure of hair transplant is always a better option and becomes the best option when followed by the PRP treatment along with. The PRP or the platelet-rich plasma which is a concentrated form of the blood plasma recommended prior to the hair transplant procedure in order to make the procedure bio-effective. However, new terms are introduced in the hair restoration fraternity with both the technique are known as the Bio-FUT and the Bio-fue hair transplant in Delhi. Thus, it can be said that the procedure of hair transplant in Delhi is always the best option to treat the pattern of baldness.

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