How to identify and treat scaling skin?

Do you notice white patchy or flaky regions in your skin especially in your toes or palms?
You might have initially thought that dryness and climatic conditions were solely responsible for such drastic changes in your skin. When this persists for a long time you will come to realize that there are issues and immense reasons behind it. Skin scaling occurs when the outer layer of skin called epidermis is peeled off and flake off that appears to be dry and cracked. At the outset, any medical condition or an injury might have damaged your skin thus resulting in scaling. Scaling skin is also the symptom of certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, eczema, and fungal skin infections. This should be properly diagnosed and treated otherwise this can lead to huge complications.

Causes of scaling skin

The common causes include the following skin conditions that one should seek immediate medical help.

Contact dermatitis


Actinic Keratosis



When to see a doctor?

The initial stage of skin scaling is not a medical emergency and there are chances that it may also fade away over a period of time. One should seek immediate medical attention when they experience the following things:

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