Perineal rejuvenation

perineal rejuvenuation in delhi

This plastic surgery is performed with an intent to improve the cosmetic aspects as well as the functional aspect of the perineum.

Labium Major and Labium Minor Plastic Surgery
This surgery makes external genitals prettier which also ensure thickness is maintained.

Perineal Rejuvenation
This plastic surgery is performed to improve problems that occur due to deviation symptoms in case of sexual intercourse and when there are frequent inflammation and urethritis symptoms as both anus and vagina gets shorter due to the injury of the pelvic muscles due to a childbirth injury or changes in appearance..

Ideal Candidate for Perineal Rejuvenation in Delhi
  • In case of the injury of childbirth and perineum due to gynecological trauma
  • Those who had passive change due to scar and changes in appearance
  • Cases of frequent vaginitis and urethritis
  • Those who had frequent inflammations such as cystitis and women coldness after sexual intercourse because inherently perineal part is short
  • The one who has problems in labium major and smegma
  • Those who have asymmetrical labium minor and transient hyperplasia

  • Post Management of Perineal Rejuvenation
  • After perineal plastic surgery, revisiting for the treatment of disinfection might be required.
  • After Labium minor surgery, sexual intercourse can be possible in 2-3 weeks and no activity restrictions after surgery but strenuous exercise is not advisable in a week.
  • After the surgery, pain and swelling reduces and daily life is restored soon due to fast recovery time.
  • After the surgery, avoiding a tight-fitting clothing about 3 weeks is usually recommended.
  • After the surgery, taking care of strenuous exercise and avoiding direct stimulation acts such as biking, horse riding and masturbation is advised.