Hymenoplasty Treatment in Delhi

Hymen repair also commonly known as Hymenoplasty or hymen restoration procedure is for the restoration and reconstruction of the hymen of women in order to restore their virginity. This surgical procedure
It lasts for around thirty minutes to an hour.
It is performed under local anaesthesia
Sometimes there is a need for general anaesthesia to carry out this procedure. The surgical procedure, however, is done on an outpatient basis.

Procedure of Hymenoplasty
In the hymenoplasty procedure, the cosmetic surgeon reconstructs the hymen by stitching the edges of the hymen that is remaining so that you get hymen that is near to natural. Additionally, the surgery provides a feeling of tightness around the vaginal area. If the remnants of your hymen are not big enough to be used for reconstruction, the surgeon would decrease the vagina’s opening by making use of a tiny part of the vaginal mucous tissue. After this surgery, while having the first intercourse, you will experience rupturing of the restored hymen similar to a natural hymen as if you were a virgin. However, you might notice the minor blood spotting during the first two or three days, which is perfectly normal.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi
Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of an artificial hymen in a person’s vagina. Though popularly marketed as a way to “restore virginity,” this is actually a misnomer stemming from a misunderstanding of the scientific definition for virginity. Women are classified as virgins whether or not they have intact hymens as long they’ve never engaged in penetrative sexual intercourse. Conversely, a sexually active woman who gets a hymenoplasty is still technically considered a non-virgin.

Eligibility for hymenoplasty procedure:
  • The female who would have lost her virginity in an intercourse and wants to restore it before her marriage.
  • In some cases, the girl who would have lost her hymen due to non-sexual activities,

  • Alternatives to the Hymenoplasty in Delhi
    There are a couple of other alternatives to hymenoplasty in delhi such as –
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Both these alternatives do not deliver an unruptured hymen, but you may get a tightened vaginal opening.