5 Must-Know Things about Hymen Restoration Surgery

The word hymen is derived from a Greek word which means "membrane". It is the membrane over the entrance of the vagina. It closes the entrance of the vagina. It is said that hymen does not only specifies virginity but it also protects the vagina by bacterial infections. The hymen is also known to protect the vaginal health of a woman. After the first intercourse, the hymen is broken which is released out. But it is not only the case of intercourse. Sometimes due to the use of tampons or excessive exercise can result in the breaking of the hymen. In ancient times it was believed that hymen is marked by virginity.
The surgical method to restore the hymen is called Hymenoplasty surgery or Hymen restoration surgery. Do you know how does it really functions? Do you wanna know what are the things that you should keep in mind before going for such surgeries? Even if you are not going to get one, you can help anyone around who is willing for the same. So, what does it do to you? This creates an artificial membrane over the vaginal opening. The main motto of this surgery was bleeding after intercourse. This surgery is getting quite popular among women. Below are the 5 things you need to know about hymen restoration surgery.

Decide what type of hymenoplasty you need?

Mainly there are three types of restoration surgery. It is very recommended to know which kind of surgery your body needs to restore your virginity. The specialized doctor should be consulted before taking any action.
  • Short term.
  • This operation makes the vagina tight and reduces the entrance. The hymen is sewed with thin threads. It works as a short term goal. After defloration, the Threads start to remove automatically. This is a short term solution. This can be done before some days of having intercourse.
  • 3 layer
  • In this surgery, the hymen is stitched. Hygiene should be maintained properly after this operation. There is no specific rehabilitation after the surgery. This operation, make the vagina close. In the time of intercourse, a slight pain can be felt. Even a little blood can be noticed which might show the breaking of the hymen.
  • Long term
  • This operation, the mucous membrane is restored in the vagina. This creates natural bleeding after intercourse. This operation may long for 3 years. A normal amount of blood is released after intercourse. This is a long-term operation.

    Types of operation

  • Simple repair
  • The joining of remnants of a tear to close the opening of the vagina. This repair is the hymen. This is a short time operation. It can be done before 4 to 6 weeks. This operation can be done under local anesthetics.
  • Hymen restoration
  • The operation creates a new layer of tissue which functions as Hymen.

    Are you ready for virginity restoration?

    The decision of having a Restoration surgery should be well analyzed and examined. There are many tests which are needed to be done before the operation begins. Different types of test are conducted to check if there is any risk that can happen in the future. There are tests like urine test, blood test, clotting test and test for sexual diseases. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to go through this operation. There are few precautions which are needed to be taken before you are operated. The major precaution is that there should be no alcohol intake body. The operation does not take much of the time. It is generally completed between 30 to 40 minutes. There is not much to be taken care of after the operation. Vigorous activities should be avoided.

    Are you Acquainted with the negative consequences of Hymenoplasty surgery?

    Every operation results in some of the side effects.
    Here are some listed Side Effects which are important to know before going through such operation:
  • Swelling
  • Slight bleeding
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Swelling around labia

  • To avoid such defects you should consult an experienced doctor.

    Do you know why you are unfit for human Restoration surgery?

    Even if you want Hymenoplasty surgery you should be aware of some of the situations in which the surgery may result in a negative way. There are many contradictions to this surgery. Every surgery has some of them. Females with some disease, low clotting quality, infectious diseases, early-stage cancer patient and pregnant female cannot undergo this surgery.
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