Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is a surgery related to cosmetic to improve the appearance of the buttock. It includes alteration of shape and size of buttocks with implants or fat grafts. What basically done is the removal of excess fat and skin from the buttock and remaining skin is positioned to create the more toned look. It makes the buttock look less saggy, dimpled, and wrinkled.

Reasons to go for Buttock Lift:

As your age increases; your muscles weaken, skin changes, and becomes looser. Also, weight loss also contributes to poor skin elasticity. But you should only go for the buttock lift if your weight is stable for the last twelve months. One may also go for this surgery if he is overweight and is not able to lose weight even after heavy physical activities. If one wants a better physical appearance, even then you can go for it. Hence, poor skin elasticity due to any of the reasons could be the reason to go for the buttock lift

Preparations Before the Surgery:

Tell your surgeon about all the previous medical treatments you have received as it may have a relation with this current surgery and may require any special procedure. Discuss your expectations with the surgeon that why are you going through this surgery. If you are a smoker, then you must quit smoking days before the surgery as smoking decreases the rate of blood flow from the skin and retards the healing process. Thus, smoking increases the risk of complications. You will also need to stop certain medications as prescribed by your surgeon that you require to take daily. Maintain your physique well so that your body mass index is greater than 32 before a month of your surgery. Also, make sure you maintain a stable weight for at least six months from your surgery. Bring someone along with you who will drive you home after you are done with the surgery and will help you to recover fast.


Before: The buttock lift surgery will be done in a hospital. Thus, you must look for a good hospital which has a good surgeon who is professional at it and does it in a perfect way. You will feel calm and comfortable by the supporting staff over there. The patient will be given anesthesia before some period of time to surgery. Your legs will be placed in a special device called sequential compression boots which are used to make sure that there is no blood clotting before and after the surgery.
During: The surgeon will make an incision at the back side of your body from hip to hip. The excessive skin present over there is pulled up which lifts up the buttocks. Then the excess of fat is removed. Antibiotic is also given during the surgery so that there is no risk of skin infection caused by the surgery. There is nothing to worry about the surgery as it is done by well-experienced surgeons. The process mostly takes two to five hours.
After: The cut at your back of the body will be dressed up properly. You will be made to walk a little after a day of the surgery to ensure that there is no blood clotting. Later, you will be given medications to prevent blood clot. You shall begin wearing a supportive garment at your back which will prevent fluid buildup and help you to heal faster. Your scar will start getting better day by day. So it should not be a matter of concern. During the first month of your surgery, make sure you increase your physical activities slowly day by day and ensure there is no strain on that part of the body. Also, visit your doctor periodically so that you get a medical checkup and related instructions to avoid anything bad.

How Long Will The Results Last?

For most of the patients, the results of this surgery are permanent. Even though it is permanent, you must keep your body weight in control so that the buttocks remain lifted, curved, and maintained. So, since the results of this surgery are almost going to be permanent, you shall feel confident to go for buttock lift surgery!