How to identify and treat scaling skin?

Do you notice white patchy or flaky regions in your skin especially in your toes or palms?
You might have initially thought that dryness and climatic conditions were solely responsible for such drastic changes in your skin. When this persists for a long time you will come to realize that there are issues and immense reasons behind it.

Liposuction: What You Should Know?

Liposuction, also known as Liposculpture suction or Lipo
It is a clinical way of removing excess fat from the body. It's usually done on the calves, thighs, abdomen, belly, etc. It comes under the category of cosmetic surgery. Several surgical pieces of equipment are used during the procedure of removing the excess fat from the body.

5 Must-Know Things about Hymen Restoration Surgery

The word hymen is derived from a Greek word which means "membrane".
It is the membrane over the entrance of the vagina. It closes the entrance of the vagina. It is said that hymen does not only specifies virginity but it also protects the vagina

Finding the Right Person for the Hymenoplasty Surgical Procedure

In the present day and time, reconstruction and replacement of any part of the body are possible. In the same line hymenoplasty is a surgery that repairs or places a new hymen. Hymen in woman's vagina is a ring-like membrane that may get ruptured due to vigorous exercise, accidental fall or sexual penetration.

The Five Most Important Things Every Woman Should Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

We are all women here, so can we can please start this off with a sense of honesty? One of the assets we women have are our breasts, let’s just be open about that. Though some women complain about small breasts there are more than enough of women who find their large breasts a total pain!

What to Expect Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery

With the expansion in the field of plastic surgery, the popularity of breast augmentation surgery is witnessing a new high. Women are opting for the breast augmentation treatment for many reasons which include rectification of uneven breasts possibly after some other surgery, adjustment of the breast volume reduction after pregnancy or weight loss, amendment of the dissimilar breasts or to lift or increase the volume of the breast for simply enhancing the appearance and confidence.