Vampire Facelift Procedure

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Vampire Facelift Procedure

Does your skin feel dull and tired that lacks lustre or the skin has started showing its first signs of ageing? Despite trying so manyproducts for revitalizing your skin nothing seems to work. May be, you need chemical peel procedure for your skin. A chemical peel is a method where a chemical is applied onto the skin, which makes it blister out, eventually welcoming a new and rejuvenated skin beneath. The new skin obtained after a chemical peel is visibly smoother and younger looking. The method of a chemical peel can be used for face, necks and hands.

It's quite natural that aging is the main reason that can deplete a person’s aesthetic and pleasing personality. This, in turn, can mitigate your confidence level, making you feel timid when you need to get dressed up for a party or for an important occasion.

Today with advancements in medicine and surgery, aging can be reversed out and youthfulness can be retained. In such cosmetic procedures, the blood flow can be triggered, droopy muscles can be tightened and wrinkles can be reduced to produce a rejuvenating effect. Through these procedures, a person’s natural birth defects and imperfections can also be rectified.

Vampire facelift is one among such cosmetic procedures that are gaining popularity most of the people opt to achieve immediate results. This facelift method can create miracles in your face thereby masking all your facial defects.

What is a Vampire Facelift?
This is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to remove or reposition the excess facial skin in patients that have become droopy or loosened over time This is based on the concept of using the patient’s own blood and injecting them to restore a youthful appearance

The concept of vampire facelift
The procedure involves extracting blood from the patient’s arm and spinning the blood sample in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. These blood cells are then re-injected using fine needle into the patient's skin that is to be restored or filled out. These injections are given along with fat content to create a smooth, fluffy and plumpy appearance. In Vampire facelift Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used to lift the loose skin from bone thereby giving good shape and texture to the skin. Again this would fight against your wrinkled skin and gives a different shape to your face that is completely different from existing one. The effect will be in such a way that a person undergoing this procedure can go back two decades behind after the procedure is complete.

Steps in Vampire Face Lifting

Step 1:
In the first step, the Hyaluronic Acid fillers are injected into the patient’s skin that is helping to sculpt a younger face preserving the layout of a natural face.

Step 2:
In this step, the platelets from blood are activated using some growth factors that would heal the tissue that is injured.

Step 3:
Injecting of face factors back into women’s face by using a numbing cream and a fine needle so that there is no feeling of pain. After the injection process, multipotent stem cells are activated thus creating a bright and charming face structure.

This is comparatively a better option for cosmetic procedures There is a definite improvement in skin color and texture and growth of new younger tissue occurs No allergies are reported as the surgeon uses the patient’s own blood for injecting The procedure is painless More affordable compared to other facelift procedures No downtime and side effects Reduces skin sagging, wrinkling and makes the skin soft Getting old is no more a thought to be worried. Enjoy your extra period of staying young by choosing this best procedure!