Chin & Lip Augmentation

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Chin & Lip Augmentation

Reshaping and enhancing the size of chin and lips are the important needs in today’s lifestyle where we are believing in the fact that “The first impression is the last impression”. A person’s first impression obviously depends on the facial features. Perfectly sized and shaped lips and chin enhance the facial beauty of a person. Chin augmentation and lip augmentations are the surgical procedures which are performed to alter the facial structure in order to improve the facial features. The procedure includes reduction (mentoplasty) and the addition (genioplasty) of materials to the chin of the patient. Following points must be considered by a surgeon before doing chin augmentation:

Face examination is the most important step before performing the chin augmentation. This surgical procedure can be done either by inserting an implant or by reshaping or resizing the chin bone.

How the Chin surgery is performed?

Vermillion border treatment
Why the chin and lip augmentation are important?
Augmentation of chin and lips are gaining popularity nowadays because these two determines the complete symmetry and balance to the entire face. They can also affect the other facial structures for example if a person’s chin is very small then it can be possible that their nose will look too large and out of the proportion. A pointed chin and properly shaped lips define the beauty of the face. Surgeons try to achieve the complete facial symmetry and add more balance to face after performing the lip and chin augmentation.